The Long-nosed Goblins of Mt.Kono

Once upon a time, mountain spirits (portrayed with having wings and a long nose) lived on this mountain
Mt. Kono used to be a bald mountain with only one Japanese cedar on its summit. On the other hand, Mt. Aoba to the southwest of it was a beautiful mountain with lush forest, where mountain spirits also lived.

One day, the mountain spirits of both mountains started a big fight over some trifling thing. Angry mountain spirits of Mt. Aoba threw rocks, trees, and grass atMt. Kono one after another. Then, Mt. Kono became full of trees and grass, and the rocks formed Nabekura Ravine.

The mountain spirits of Mt. Kono won in the end, and loudly whooped with delight. People living at the foot of the mountain also congratulated them on the victory, and climbed up the mountain to treat the mountain spirits with a big feast and drink.